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Boats which draw a maximum of 4/5 metres can arrive in the port taking the south entrance of the breakwater and keeping carefully to the centre of the river, before turning to the left at the entrance of the Nuova Darsena.

MARINE BED:  Muddy, sandy.
DEPTH:    At the mooring from 3,00 to 5,00 metres, in the harbour from 2,80 to 4,00 metres
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V.H.F. canale 09
Lat. 40°17’30’’ - Long. 08°28’36’’
The Port

On the right bank of the river Temo, about 900 metres from the river mouth, protected and hidden by the hill “Sa Sea” can be found the “Nuova Darsena”. There are floating berths for 220 boats entirely managed  by the Porto di Bosa S.p.A, a joint enterprise  with main office in Porto Rotondo.
The geographical position, the climatical conditions and the nearness to the town, with the easy use of these facilities, make the Nuova Darsena the ideal base for moorings for every kind of vessel  and for the wintering of sports crafts during the low season.

Continual. We advise  however to arrive during the day and with calm seas.

There was a river and a city, an island in the city and the island was the sea
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